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Pre-College Initiative 2012-2013 Goals

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The Pre College Initiative embodies the mission of the national society of black engineers in that it
allows members to use their knowledge, time, and talent to foster the intellectual and cultural growth
of new generations of engineers, scientists and other technical professionals. The NYC NSBE-XL
alumni chapter recognizes the need within our community to provide new support systems for high
school students that can help prepare them to enter and complete a college education. Our program
focuses on subjects in the field of science, mathematics and other related subjects. We provide
A++ homework help and tutoring at the middle and high school level. During our sessions, we also
offer guidance on how to prepare for standardized tests like the regents, SAT and ACT examinations.
This year we will also provide opportunities for students to layer and strengthen their fundamental
knowledge of mathematics and science by participating in national competition called the Try-Math-

The Try-Math-Alon (TMAL) program engages both students and NSBE alumni in a new learning
experience that teaches students how to integrate their knowledge of mathematics, science and
organizational history while working as a team. There are competitions at the local, regional, national
and international level for the TMAL program where students participate in the competition. There
are assessment examinations which are taken at various stages of student learning to help gauge
the academic progress of the team members. The student teams are mentored on a weekly basis
by an alumni member and are taught skills that will help them to succeed at the college level.